The feel of the sea on my toes ✨💦

Yup — I really missed this kind of scene! I need to be more of the ‘island girl’ that I am 😆 ...So, here’s to making more beach trips this year! 🥂

- - -
#AileenInThePhilippines #clubparadisepalawan

“Build a life that you don’t need a vacation from.” ~❤️ Welcome to my ‘office’ this weekend! I’m surely feeling all kinds of zen here at Club Paradise Palawan!

~I gotta admit, I’m still sometimes in complete and utter disbelief at how I’ve managed to achieve my dream lifestyle... and this feeling comes and goes — but you bet that I’m always grateful and humbled by it all. That being said, here’s to wishing that you do NOT ever give up on your dreams. I know it can be hard but trust in your struggle 😘 You WILL get to where you want to be because one day, it will definitely be your turn. 😉

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#AileenInThePhilippines #coron

Touchdown to Coron in the Philippines! 😍✨🌴

As you all know, I just finished my trip in Russia — BUT, I was badly missing the beach (and I also want to bring some color back to my skin). So, I boarded a plane to this paradise ASAP! 😝

I really need to explore more of my own country and be back in my element ❤️ As such, it’s all thanks to Club Paradise Palawan for making this sunny getaway possible!

For one thing, I absolutely love that this is a private island so I can unwind all I want without the crowds 💃🏻✨

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Photos from I am Aileen's post

My love affair with Russia’s metro stations continues! 😍✨🚊 This time, I headed off to Moscow’s train lines and much like I expected, it was a whole other world underground!

I surely haven’t come across anything as impressive as Moscow’s metro stations. My favorites?
1. Komsomolskaya
2. Mayakovskaya
3. Park Pobedy
4. Elektrozavodskaya
5. Arbatskaya

~TRIVIA: Like I mentioned before, these Russian metro stations were built to resemble “People’s Palaces”. Regrettably it was brought about by forced soviet labor due to the infamous Stalin’s directions — but today, it’s more of a symbol of Soviet achievement and work of art.

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#AileenInRussia #vikingcruises

Tag someone who you’d like to travel to Russia with! 🤩✨🇷🇺

FACT: The first time that I landed here in the country, St. Petersburg left me in utter awe — but now that I’m in Moscow, I’m absolutely sure of it: I’m SO in love with Russia!!! 😍

Of course I knew that this was a majestic place, but seeing everything with my own eyes was of another level — that I wish I visited Russia sooner ❤️ (There was a lot of surprises too, especially with the fact that their metro stations are insanely gorgeous that it makes me cry at times haha)!

Not to mention, the people here are warm and friendly. Sure there is a language barrier at times but it’s nothing that a voice translator can’t fix (I’ve had multiple funny interactions with people in the city because of this). 😂 And as a solo traveler exploring through Russia, I’m here to say that yes it is safe and it’s a great joy to explore it. In fact, I will visit again for sure because right now, the city is a bit crowded because of the upcoming World Cup matches 😅

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#AileenInRussia #vikingcruises

Having the time of my life cruising through Russia’s lush rivers! ✨🛥 What’s more, I am always connected all day, thanks to Tep Wireless — sure enough, I can always count on them anywhere, anytime!

If you want to learn more about this portable WiFi that works worldwide, read here:

Don't forget to use my code 'IAMAILEEN' to get 15% off!

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Chillin’ at the center of St. Petersburg ❤️✨🇷🇺

This was taken in the Palace Square, just opposite the Winter Palace, and the bow-shaped structure behind me is the General Staff Building.

Needless to say, this is a spot in St. Petersburg that you must not miss!

- - -
#AileenInRussia #vikingcruises

Did you know? St. Petersburg is one of those cities that are called as a “Venice of the North”! ✨🇷🇺

As someone who has been to Venice, I have to agree because with St. Petersburg’s network of canals and bridges, it’s truly reminiscent not only of Venice but even of Amsterdam!

More so, there are ample European-style buildings nestled within wide plazas, palaces, and iconic structures such as that of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (pictured here) that I’ve visited together with Viking River Cruises.

This classic elaborate Russian Orthodox church with its 5 domes was a sight to behold! TRIVIA: It has about 7,000 sqm of mosaics and was built on the site where the Tsar (Russian emperor) Alexander II experienced an assassination attempt.

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#AileenInRussia #vikingcruises
📸: Shutterstock

Photos from I am Aileen's post

Would you believe me if I say that these are metro stations...? 😲 Well you must, because they are!

The subways here in Russia really just look like grand palaces and seeing them for the first time really blew me away!!

...Well sure, I’ve seen great train stations such as those in Europe (e.g. Antwerp station etc.) but the scale and design of the ones here in St. Petersburg are insane — and it’s not in just one station, because EVERY single one has its own theme and design.

That being said, they are like a work of art and this is because back in the Soviet times, the subway was considered to be the “Palace of the People” and was to be decorated as such. (...This actually makes me cry when I think of the sad state of our metro in the Philippines 😭). I was even told that Moscow has grander stations as well so I can’t wait to see those!

Other than being insanely beautiful, St. Petersburg’s train stations are also built really deep in the ground! 🚊 Admiralteyskaya, station for instance is the deepest at 85meters underground — and I swear it felt dizzying and even disorientating when I rode their long and steep escalators! 😨

TRIVIA: These stations were built deep because of the Cold War since they used to double as bomb shelters.

The top 3 stations that you must NOT miss in St. Petersburg would be:
1. Admiralteyskaya
2. Avtovo
3. Kirovsky Zavod

- - -
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Photos from I am Aileen's post

People have told me that Russian ballet is extraordinary and that the country is often regarded as the unofficial ballet capital of the world — today, I finally understood what they meant when I watched the "Swan Lake" performance at St. Petersburg's Hermitage Theatre! 😍✨

I swear to you... I still get goosebumps when I recall the show because it was captivating and the Russian performers were beyond amazing! My body always got the tingles when the main song of Swan Lake came on — and oh, I especially loved the black swan's fierce dancing scenes!

~ TRIVIA: If you don't know yet, Swan Lake is the ballet which embodies the soul of Russian art especially since it was composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875.

That being said, I urge you to put this on your bucket list ASAP!

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#AileenInRussia #vikingcruises
📸: The Hermitage Ballet

Photos from I am Aileen's post

Pinch me — I still can’t believe that I’ve finally set foot in Russia! 🤩✨🇷🇺

St. Petersburg was my first stop with Viking River Cruises and I am extremely amazed with the sheer grandeur of this city. 😍 And though it’s no longer the capital of Russia, it still feels every bit like the imperial center that it was!

Pictured behind me is the Winter Palace of one of the most iconic places in the city: The Hermitage Museum at the Palace Center (the central city square of St. Petersburg).

If you’ve been following my Insta Stories, Tep Wireless has been helping me stay connected with you guys, anytime and anywhere during this trip!

📌 TRIVIA: Hermitage is the second-largest museum in the world and it sure is massive!

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Mornings with Viking River Cruises ✨☕️

This will be my home in the next 2 weeks as I sail from St. Petersburg to Moscow!

Don’t forget to stay tuned for my LIVE Instagram Stories ❤️
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#AileenInRussia #vikingcruises

‘Mother Russia’ is calling and I have heed her call! 🤩✨🇷🇺

For 2 weeks, I’ll be cruising from St. Petersburg to Moscow with Viking River Cruises and I am SO stoked that I’m finally checking off this country on my list! 😍😭🎉

Do stay tuned for my LIVE Instagram stories (i_am_aileen) in the next days!

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For as low as Php 870 ONLY (or US$17), you can rent a beautiful "hanbok" and stroll around in it for a DAY in Seoul as you visit palaces and traditional villages! 👘✨🇰🇷 This is truly an experience in South Koera that you should NOT miss!


#AileenInSouthKorea with KKday

Photos from I am Aileen's post

Seoul in South Korea is a bustling yet vibrant metropolis that is full of amazing things to see and do — but if you want something that's off the beaten path, I've come up with a list of 'hidden gems' that you must do when in the city! 🤩 View this list now on Trover via this link:

Do you also know of other great 'hidden gems' in Seoul? Please do share by leaving a comment below — or better yet, share it on Trover!

☑️ Looking for a detailed itinerary travel guide for Seoul? Read this:

#TroveOn #AileenInSouthKorea

Why a Priority Pass is a Must for Frequent Travelers – I am Aileen

Turn your airport experience from being an ‘endurance’ into an ‘indulgence’.

With a Priority Pass, you can get unlimited lounge access worldwide no matter the airline you fly or the ticket you hold — guaranteed! I wish I discovered this sooner! 🤩

Looking forward to more adventures and discoveries this year! ✨✈️

If you want to find out some tips and hidden gems for South Korea as well as New Zealand, don’t forget to tune in to Trover's Instagram account in the next 3 days as I take over their account! ✌🏻 See you there!

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DIY Trip Seoul Itinerary & Travel Guide: 5 Days (More or Less) – I am Aileen

Heading to South Korea anytime anytime soon? 🇰🇷✨

Follow this my comprehensive DIY travel guide in order to make the most of your Seoul itinerary! ~ KKday

Forever chasing breathtaking sights — and for sure, New Zealand has no shortage of it! 🤩✨🇳🇿

That being said, my 21-day trip ‘down under’ has officially drawn to a close and it has been beyond amazing... all thanks to Wild Kiwi! ❤️

More details, photos and videos to come soon on my blog and YouTube channel so please stay tuned!

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours #NZmustdo #purenewzealand

...Planning a getaway sometime soon? ✈️ Well guess what, you can discover the best hidden gems in any destination with Trover. So go and download their app now to start planning and making the most of your trip!

For my own tips, make sure to check by 'iamaileen' ( on their platform!


Photos from I am Aileen's post

I just jumped out of a perfectly functioning plane at 15,000 feet here in New Zealand, and it has ABSOLUTELY been one of the most amazing things that I have ever done in my life! 🤩✨ How about you? Is #skydiving on your bucket list too? Have you already checked it off or not yet?

FACT: The thought of skydiving has actually scared me for years 😱 — which is not a surprise since I do have a fear of heights and a fear of flying in planes... so, you could just imagine how much of a feat-slash-achievement this was for me to conquer my fears and to just DO it! 💗✨

It’s a bit funny though... because during the whole ordeal, I managed to remain calm, yet once we did the ‘dive’ from the plane, that plummeting feeling made me scream for dear life! 😅 But in a split second, as we started on our 60-second freefall... all I just felt was pure and utter BLISS! 🤩 It even made me wonder why I have even feared doing this before, given how enjoyable and ‘freeing’ it actually is!

“Amazing things are on the other side of fear” — this quote holds so much truth!

That being said, this is definitely one of the top things you should do when in New Zealand, and I highly recommend that you do it in Queenstown with Nzone Skydive Queenstown so that you can have the BEST experience and views possible! As you can see, seeing the breathtaking terrain, waters and alps from up high was beyond epic! I couldn’t have possibly asked for a better view ❤️

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours #skydiving #NZmustdo #purenewzealand

Awe-inspiring reflections of Mt. Cook and Mt. Tasman over Lake Matheson ⛰✨ This short walk circuit is one of the latest discoveries I’ve made with Wild Kiwi and it’s been such an amazing find! If you’ve been to New Zealand before, do share with us some hidden gems you also know of!

~TRIVIA: This lake was formed when Fox Glacier retreated 14,000 years ago!

~TIP: It’s best to hike here during dawn or dusk to get to see the best lake reflections or mirror views!

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours

These are the days we live for 🤩✨ So go out and make your dreams alive!

...And for starters, when you’re in New Zealand, consider going on an adventure with Wild Kiwi to gain access to amazing experiences and amazing people! 😉

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#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours #NZmustdo #purenewzealand

You can find me in the wilderness ✨🍃 How about you? Are you more into nature or city escapes?

As a traveler, people would often ask which I would prefer more between the two. It’s hard to answer because each has its own beauty and quirks, but I gotta admit... I feel more at ease or ‘in my element’ when I’m surrounded by towering cliffs, lush trees and blue waters.

In fact, my perfect recipe for a relaxed vacation? An epic road trip through the wild as I do hikes and explorations — so without a doubt, my trip here in New Zealand with Wild Kiwi has been giving me pure bliss. How about you: are you more into cities or nature places...?

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours #NZmustdo #purenewzealand

I am in absolute awe of the natural beauty that New Zealand holds ✨🇳🇿 I really can’t get enough of this place!

P.S. Do you spot the bridge in the distance? It’s a metal rope suspension “swing” bridge that hovers above this vibrant blue water of Hokitika Gorge. The rest of the walk that leads to this spot was actually short but boy, was it breathtaking!

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours #NZmustdo

Hello, South Island! ✨🇳🇿

When I first visited New Zealand 2 years ago, I only had the chance to explore the North Island. And though it is great to see the North again this time around, I am more stoked about the fact that I will get to go around the South Island now — and for 2 weeks at that with Wild Kiwi!

I really can’t wait for the amazing scenes I’ll be seeing 🤩 ...The icing to the cake? The weather has been amazing and it looks like it will continue to be so!

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours #NZmustdo #purenewzealand

Blissfully under the enchanting spell of fall ✨🍂 You bet that I'm ALL smiles here in New Zealand with Wild Kiwi!

Speaking of which, I'm now on my way to getting a better smile with Dental World Manila! ...It's not obvious but I'm already wearing braces 😬✨👌🏻 and this cool "invisibility" is all thanks to my amazing dentist who gave me clear CERAMIC braces. So yes, it's like I'm not even wearing braces at all! 🤩

If you're in the Philippines like me, Dental World Manila has 5 branches in the metro so when you've got some dental needs, I say give them a try. They're taking great care of me and I bet they will do the same for you! ♥️

- - -
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Photos from I am Aileen's post

New Zealand is all about adventure — so for my first adrenaline-pumping activity, I did white water rafting in the world’s HIGHEST commercially rafted waterfall! 😳✨👌🏻🇳🇿 Would you like to try this too?

I was incredibly nervous at first because the rapids were obviously strong, but in the end it became extremely fun! 🤩

Along with Wild Kiwi and Kaitiaki Adventures, we basically went through a section of Kaituna River which had 14 rapids and 3 waterfalls — which includes thee said highest commercially rafted waterfall at 7 meters high (called as Tutea Falls) 💗

This is definitely a MUST for you to do when in New Zealand!

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours #NZmustdo

Photos from I am Aileen's post

Felt right at home in the Shire!✨🍃 Go and mention/tag someone who you’d like to go here with!

Thanks to Wild Kiwi, I got to visit my Hobbit friends again here in New Zealand 😉 Now of course, the beauty of this place never fails to amaze me. This truly is a movie set masterpiece!

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours #purenewzealand #hobbiton #RealMiddleEarth / Hobbiton Movie Set

There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this! 😍 Yes...?!

Rising up to 399 meters in New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay, this amazing summit offers views over the Heretaunga Plains, Hawke’s Bay and Napier. Personally, this reminds me a lot of the views in my hometown, Batanes in the Philippines — but a bit more majestic (this one). 💗✨

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours #purenewzealand

...and I said to myself, what a wonderful world! 🤩✨🇳🇿

Also called as ‘Waireinga’ Falls, Wild Kiwi took me here on a detour during our road trip of the North Island and it was absolutely breathtaking! New Zealand is truly a beaut — and to think that I have barely scratched the surface! 😍

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours

Breathtaking mornings in New Zealand ✨🇳🇿

DAY 1: We left rainy Auckland with Wild Kiwi and later in the day, we were welcomed by this sunny coastal town of Raglan which is famous for its black sands in Ngarunui Beach (pictured here) and surf culture — that being said: yes, we did some surfing here! (Photos to follow).

How about you? Have you tried surfing before? I’ve tried it several times already but I’m not good at it lol — but it’s still a fun thing to do!

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours

Best Things to Do in Chicago in the Spring

Shake off the cold and make the most of spring. Hertz shares the best things to do in Chicago in this wondrous season!

It’s great to be back here! 🤩✨🇳🇿

DAY 0 = I have just landed in Auckland after a 12-hour flight and it feels so good to finally see this city again after almost 2 years! 💗 I definitely can’t wait to jumpstart my 21-day road trip with Wild Kiwi as we explore the North and South Island. Our next stop? The coastal town of Raglan!

P.S. I just heard the news of how a terrible storm hit this city just a few days ago but I’m happy to see that things are looking good here. The weather wasn’t as optimal but it’s not dampening anyone’s spirits! 💗

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #wildkiwitours

I'm going on yet another adventure — this time, it's to New Zealand! ✨🇳🇿 Together with Wild Kiwi, I will be spending 21 days exploring the North and South Island as we go on an epic road trip!

To stay updated LIVE of my adventure, stay tuned on Instagram Stories at @i_am_aileen (

- - -
#AileenInNewZealand #WildKiwiTours

My current situation in Seoul — I finally got to wear a ‘hanbok’ or a traditional Korean dress! 😍✨🇰🇷

I even had the chance to wear it for a WHOLE day as I went around the city’s palaces and old villages! It really felt surreal... in fact, I felt like I was in a KDrama lol ✌🏻

If you want to rent a detailed and elaborate hanbok like what I’m wearing, make sure to check by KKday! (After all, some shops tend to rent hanbok that are a bit too simple, so I’m glad I got a great provider through KKday!)

P.S.: Wearing/renting a hanbok in Korea is NOT seen as cultural appropriation since much like the Japanese, the Koreans are happy to see other people enjoying or immersing themselves in their local culture and clothing.

- - -
#AileenInSouthKorea #kkdayph #travelwithkkday

Rosy pink✨🎀 Myeongdong shopping street in Seoul is not only full of stores with good deals on clothing and cosmetics, but also stores with great interiors! As such, Style Nanda surely tops the list on this.

- - -

One of the top things to do in south Korea? Visit the “Five Grand Palaces” built by the kings of the Joseon dynasty. 🇰🇷

The one pictured here is Deoksugung — the other 4 are: Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung and Gyeonghuigung (palaces that I’ll be seeing in the next days with KKday! So stay tuned!)

- - -
#AileenInSouthKorea #kkdayph #travelwithkkday

My South Korea adventure has just begun and I already can’t get enough of this place! 🤩✨🇰🇷

Do stay tuned for my updates on this 7-day trip with KKday!

...By the way, this photo shows Deoksugung Palace’s Stonewall Walkway which is famous for being one of the most picturesque roads in South Korea (as chosen by the government at that). This place has even been featured in a lot of KDramas and KPop videos — and it’s easy to see why!

- - -
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GIVEAWAY: Win a Trip to Romania with Me! (#ExploreDobrogea) – I am Aileen

Wanna WIN a week-long all-expenses-paid trip to Romania...?

Come join this giveaway and you can travel with ME around Romania (along with 9 other amazing international influencers)!

~ OPEN: Internationally
~ ENDS: March 25, 2018

Good luck and feel free to share! 💋

- - -
#ExploreDobrogea #AileenInRomania

...and so it soon starts!

CONFESSION TIME: You see, for quite some time now, I haven't been too confident of my smile and it's entirely because of how my teeth aren't properly aligned.

This is the reason why my old photos on social media were mostly shots of me showing my back — or, if I did face the camera, I'll just show a tight smile without showing my teeth. (Which was a bit ridiculous, I know lol).

Recently though, I have slowly come to terms with my teeth since I wanted to put a stop to the "sad-looking" photos, and I've even got the courage to talk more on camera. But then again... I can't deny the fact that I'm not entirely comfortable yet with my teeth So finally, I thought that it's about time that I do something about it. (It won't essentially change who I am anyway, since it will just be a minor yet helpful improvement!)

Hence, thanks to Dental World Manila, I will soon be gaining complete confidence in my smile! I've already done the initial diagnosis with them and it has been pretty fast and seamless given their high-tech equipment.

So if you're like me, an adult who hasn't taken the step yet to improve their teeth, it's really never too late to fix it so you can start to smile better — and eat better too! *wink, wink*

If you're in the Philippines, Dental World Manila has 5 branches in the metro so wherever you may be, they're easily in your reach.

All in all, I'll be talking more about my 'braces journey' soon on the blog with them. <3

🎥 Watch 'My Perfect Imperfections' video vlog as I discuss more about this:

Photos from I am Aileen's post

Cherry blossoms are NOT the only amazing sight that you need to see in Japan this spring season, because if you head to the famous 'Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route', you will get to see this amazing snow wall that can reach up to 20 meters high! 🤩❄️✨

This attraction opens this April 15 (until June 22). So what are you waiting for...?

~ For a detailed travel guide, go here:

⚠️ Grab the seat sales with Philippine Airlines before they run out this March 18!

~ International:

~ Domestic:

Photos from I am Aileen's post

I just met the amazing Korina Sanchez - Roxas today! I’m incredibly honored to be a part of her Rated K segment for Women’s Month 💗😘

You bet that this has absolutey been such an exciting and humbling experience for me, and I’m SO thankful!

For those in the Philippines, it will air soon on Rated K. Stay tuned! 🎥

#MillenialWomen #KorinaMeetsAileenAdalid

Cherry blossom (sakura) season is drawing near in Japan! 🌸✨ Here's a forecast map for this year to help you plan your visit.

~ Wanna know the best places for seeing sakura? Read here: (high-res map also found here)

Is India on your travel bucket list? If it’s not, I urge you to put it there ASAP! 🤩 This country is just so incredibly magical and diverse, that it will be a shame if you don’t get to set foot here.

I know that some of you are intimidated by India — “It’s scary!” or “It’s not safe!”. But I implore you to make your own judgments by going here yourself... and I guarantee you that you will be pleasantly surprised by the kindness of the people and the beauty of the country.

So go, please give India a try. 💗 I’ve had an amazing time here and I bet you will too!

- - -
#AileenInIndia #IncredibleIndia #maharajasexpress #IndiaBlogTrain Incredible India

When a dream trip comes to life... ✨🇮🇳

...I remember when I used to dream about seeing the Taj Mahal up close — and now that I’ve finally seen it in flesh, I’m just BEYOND grateful and overwhelmed with happiness! I honestly never thought that at this age, I would be seeing amazing places like this or that I’ll be leading this awesome travel lifestyle where I get to also meet wonderful people, try amazing cuisines and so much more.

With that, I implore you: don’t let your dreams be dreams — go and try to live them! And once you do, always trust in your struggle because you will eventually get to where you want to be. I personally came from dire circumstances and boy... did I hustle (blood, sweat, tears — I remember it all)! I guess what I’m just trying to say is that by knowing my past and my odds, I hope it reminds you that you’re not stuck. You CAN follow my footsteps. You CAN live your dreams. They’re always valid and attainable.💗

- - -
#AileenInIndia #maharajasexpress #incredibleindia #IndiaBlogTrain / Incredible India

Photos from I am Aileen's post

...Doesn’t this look like a safari in Africa? 😍 Well, this is actually in India’s Ranthambore National Park and this place literally took my breath away!

This is the largest national park in northern India and it is known for its Bengal tigers. Regrettably, we didn’t see any during our visit — but it was alright, because the park was an amazing wilderness (plus, I already witnessed a tiger before when I first visited India tiger 🐅 Yay!)

- - -
#AileenInIndia #IncredibleIndia #MaharajasExpress #IndiaBlogTrain / Incredible India / Maharajas' Express

Photos from I am Aileen's post

Taking a moment at Jaipur’s famous and majestic Amer / Amber Fort ✨🇮🇳

~TRIVIA: This opulent fortified structure is a palace that used to be the residence of the Rajput Maharajas (“great kings”). It has innumerable courtyards, audience halls, garden, temple and private apartments — you bet that it’s vastness made it such a magical place!

- - -
#AileenInIndia #IndiaBlogTrain #IncredibleIndia #MaharajasExpress

Happy Valentines from Taj Mahal — one of the world’s most beautiful symbols of love 🇮🇳✨💝 Do tag someone who you’d like to go here with!

~ When I first set foot in India 3 months ago, I was sad that I didn’t get the chance to see the Taj Mahal. It even felt like it will take me a while till I can come back and finally see it... But alas, fate had something else in mind! Thanks to Incredible India’s #IndiaBlogTrain campaign with Maharajas' Express, I had the chance to quickly return to India and see this UNESCO beauty!

And you bet that I came with high expectations since Taj Mahal is often referred to as the most beautiful building in the world — and boy, I really was NOT disappointed: my expectations were surely met! In fact, no matter the crowd nor the misty/cloudy weather, this structure will truly remain to be a wonder to behold which everyone SHOULD see at least once. 😍

✅ TRIVIA: This was built by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, to house the tomb of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It’s been one of the Modern 7 Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983 for being the “jewel of Muslim art in India”. It took 22 years to finish its construction along with 22,000 workers.

- - -
#AileenInIndia #TajMahal